Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most compelling methods of advertising....

Email Marketing
anatomy of an email
Email Marketing

The Anatomy of an Email

Email is the most commonly used and essential tool for communication, but most people struggle to use this tool effectively. The most important thing which people ignore is the...

how to rsvp via email

How to RSVP via Email + FREE Templates for Any Event

Confused about how to RSVP via email and turn invitations into enthusiastic “YES“? Have you ever wondered how to write an invitation email that people will be pleased to respond...

if you forward an email does the sender know
Email Marketing

Can Someone See If You Forward Their Email?

The Answer to this question “if you forward an email does the sender know” is: “NO” Generally,  the original sender of an email will not know if you’ve forwarded...

email marketing books
Email Marketing

Must Read Email Marketing Books in 2024

Remember that email you received, the one that felt like a personal message just for you? The one that nudged you to finally buy that product you’d been eyeing,...

email marketing agency pricing
Email Marketing

Email Marketing Agency Pricing

Ever feel lost in the labyrinth of email marketing agency pricing? You’re not alone. Deciphering the cost of these services can be like navigating a jungle gym blindfolded. Fear...