Email Marketing – The Three Golden Rules of Email Marketing

Three Golden Rules of Email Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, businesses can use many strategies to drive more website traffic and convert sales. One of the strongest pillars of effective marketing is email marketing, with the average ROI on a campaign being $42 for every $1 that you spend.


What makes for a powerful and successful email marketing campaign, though? To help ensure you maximize your results, we’ve created the three golden rules of email marketing…


1. Make sure you have permission

The most important rule to remember is to contact those customers expecting to hear from you and have subscribed to be kept informed of your latest news. This ensures you’re abiding by data privacy laws and reduces the number of unsubscribes while maximizing the conversion rates you enjoy.


2. Personalize the content

No one wants to read a generic email that has no relevance to their needs. The most powerful email marketing campaigns speak directly to the recipient, offering them information or incentives to drive them back to your brand. By being as personable as possible, you will be able to increase your engagement.


3. Find the right frequency

Every business will be different, but finding the right frequency can boost your overall conversions. It would be best if you always were listening to your audience’s response and ensuring that you meet their expectations; too many will drive them away, but too few, and you will lose out on sales. Keep testing and reviewing to ensure you continually operate as efficiently as possible.


These three golden email marketing rules can make all the difference to your business. Are you looking to create a deeper connection with your audience? At BlueDot Email, we provide our customers with an all-in-one email marketing platform to help take your business to the next level. Want to find out more? Get in touch today!