Get Started Sending Your First Campaign

One of the most powerful tools Bluedot Email offers is email campaign management and tracking. This allows you to consistently send emails to your selected recipient at your scheduled time.

Here are the steps: 

Before sending your first campaign, create an HTML Email Template. If you wish, you can add landing page and recipient tokens to the email template. Once the template is complete, go to the campaign page and select HTML email. Then, on the email campaign editor page, fill out the required fields. 

These are the main fields:

  • Select Recipient List, 
  • Write a Subject Line that clearly describes your email content.
  • Select Template
  • Select Landing Page Template (if the landing page assigns on email template)

Then you are ready to send your first campaign. You can send immediately or schedule your email campaign as per your requirement. Bluedot Email will support you by analyzing your email campaign for better delivery.

If you are not sure how it looks on the subscriber’s inbox you can also send the test campaign first. To ensure it displays as expected in your subscribers’ inboxes select test recipient list and click on Send Test Email.