Get Started with Uploading Recipients

There are a few ways to use the Uploading Recipient function on the Bluedot Email platform. Users can upload a recipient list or create custom fields while uploading a recipient list.


Follow these steps to Upload the recipient list:

  • Login to your Bluedot Email account
  • On the menu bar, select Recipients 
  • Next, click on Upload Recipient List to import the list and enter the required information. You can also create custom fields in this step.
  • Once a list or lists are uploaded, Bluedot Email will analyze the list and remove any invalid or duplicate email addresses from the recipient list. 
  • Lastly, the Recipient List Summary will show so you can save valid emails. 


Users can add, edit, or delete and export the uploaded list using the action button. Users also have the option to create groups of lists in the same category. By uploading recipients, users can spend more time creating and sending emails and less time typing email addresses. So start sending your first email campaign now.