What does BlueDot Email consider spam?

When BlueDot Email suspects unusual activity, your account will be restricted with regard to sending a campaign. To restrict spam, we do more than depend on a prevention system; we also review your account manually. 


What does BlueDot Email consider spam? Below, we have listed some of the features you must focus on while creating your campaign.


Questionable Email and Account Details 

Try not to disguise your character when you make an account, as that is commonly connected to spammer conduct. For example, if your sending email address looks suspicious, it will be considered spam.


Suspicious Content in the Campaign

This is when your email campaign is triggered as spam because it contains “malicious” content (e.g., certain words, an obfuscated URL, a manipulated logo, display name spoofing, and more).


Unclear Recipient List

As BlueDot Email ensures the best email campaign environment for both sender and receiver, we look closely at each recipient list. If we receive spam complaints or notice aggressive bounces, we will restrict your account from sending a campaign.


If your account is restricted, you will get an email from our Compliance regarding your account status. To reactivate your account, you must check your inbox and reply to the email.