Which email Add-ons are available in particular plans?

Depending on the contact plan, when you exceed your email limit, you have the option to buy an email add-on.

Sometimes you need to send additional emails in a particular month, such as a special discount or seasonal offer. If you do not want to upgrade your plan or contact, you can buy an add-on for a specific month.


An add-on is provided according to the contact plan. You can start buying add-ons for $1.


Eligible Plan Additional Email Sends Additional Email Price
From 2,250 to 15,000 Contact Plan

10,000 email sends


From 22,500 to 45,000 Contact Plan

21,000 email sends


From 60,000 to 75,000 Contact Plan

36,000 email sends


From 112,500 to 150,000 Contact Plan

55,000 email sends


From 195,000 to 300,000 Contact Plan

78,000 email sends



You can utilize add-ons until the next billing date.