Why can’t I log in?

Various factors can affect your capacity to sign in to your BlueDot Email account. For example, there may be a problem with your login’s approval or record status, or you may need to check your program settings and organization association.


Check out the sources below to determine why this happened and how to resolve it.


Login Credential Issue:

If you cannot log in, you may receive an error stating, “Incorrect Login Id and Password!” This error may occur when you try to log in using an incorrect email ID or password. Recheck your email address. You can create a new password by clicking on ‘forget password’.


Authentication Code Issue:

The latest authenticator codes are valid for login; if you requested that the code be re-sent, use the last one to log in. Sometimes the email goes into a folder other than your inbox; if you did not receive an authentication code email, check your spam email folder.


Account Status:

Another reason for difficulties logging in is your BlueDot Email account status. When an account is suspended, you will not have the option to sign in again. Your account will be disabled for the following reasons:

  • The account owner manually asks to disable the account.
  • The account was suspended because of a violation of our terms or unusual activity on the account.

If you did not get your answer here, contact the support team at support@bluedotemail.com with your concern. Our team will resolve your issue and let you know about your account status.