Email Marketing – Why is it still important?

How to Use Email Marketing

Roughly 3 billion people worldwide use email as a form of communication. With approximately 196 billion emails being sent daily, about 55 percent of those emails are from businesses.

In the past few decades, email has become a powerful marketing tool that companies have started to utilize. It allows them to connect with and target their customers personalized.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should use email as a part of your more fantastic marketing strategy.


1. Email has an enormous reach

In recent years, companies have started relying on social media to reach their consumers. Yet, while social media is an incredibly effective technique to incorporate into your social media strategy, email marketing has been shown to be more effective for customer acquisition.

Social media may be popular with demographics like Gen X, Y, and Z, but older individuals (think Baby Boomers) don’t necessarily use it at the same rate. However, they have email accounts that they use to connect for personal, professional and business reasons.


2. Email is cost-effective

What’s best about using email as part of your marketing strategy? It’s inexpensive, if not free! Emails allow you to reach a large amount of your customer base without spending any money in most cases.

If you’re a small business looking for effective ways to market, email should always be at the top of your list.


3. Everyone has an email address

If you asked someone for their Instagram or Facebook account to connect, it wouldn’t be unusual for them to respond, “I don’t have one.” (Depending on their age, of course!) However, if you ask someone for their email address, people begin to rattle them off, just like their phone number.

Emails are no longer just a fun way to keep in touch with those around you. As soon as someone makes a purchase with you or visits your website, you’ll be able to use this piece of information to continue your relationship.


4. Email gives you a better ROI

Did you know that email is the channel that generates the highest ROI for marketers? For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $40 in ROI. Emails allow you to create the same type of appeal that direct mail campaigns do without the additional costs.

You can also follow up with relevant information any time you see fit. Email allows you to connect quickly with your customers at a lower cost. Nothing better than that!


5. Email delivers your message quickly

Few things are faster at delivering your message than the internet. Nearly everyone has a smart mobile device that constantly checks their email and social media.

When you click “send,” your message will be in your clients’ inboxes, waiting to be read. Email marketing is also measurable, and you’ll be able to see who opened your email, which links were clicked, and how many people on your list unsubscribed.

This information can help keep your marketing strategy effective.


Final thoughts

Email marketing is a clear, fast, and effective way for companies (tiny businesses!) to connect with customers. It’s inexpensive and reaches everyone. Don’t hesitate to use this strategy to increase your ROI today.

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